Note: all prices shown are for orders of up to 3 bulk bags delivered within a radius of 10 miles from Tunbridge Wells.

Please call us on 01892 617472 / 0800 690 6800 for discounted prices on deliveries of larger loads, self collection or a quote for longer distance deliveries.

Bulk bags typically weigh between 850kg-950kg and are delivered by a specialist grab lorry.

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy 4 bulk bags of BS3882-2015 Topsoil, get one free


  • Multi-Purpose BS3882-2015 Topsoil, Tunbridge Wells

    Multi-Purpose BS3882-2015 Topsoil

    Top quality BS3882-2015 certified topsoil, a mixture of carefully selected input material and PAS 100 certified compost, to produce a nutritious, free draining soil for multi-purpose use. For our Special Offer: Add 5 bags to basket and you will only be charged for 4. Note: No additional bulk discounts are available with this offer. £60.00 +VAT
  • Landscaping soil, Tunbridge Wells

    Landscaping soil

    We can supply fully tested clean soil for certain landscaping/land-reprofiling projects, including barn construction, where a Form U1 is registered with the Environment Agency. Please call to discuss Add to Basket

Recycled Aggregates

  • Premium Grade Recycled Type 1

    Premium Grade Recycled Type 1

    Coarse graded recycled primary stone made from crushed railway track ballast. Used as a quality fill material and in car park construction. Prices per bag £38.50 +VAT
  • Recycled Ballast, Tunbridge Wells

    Recycled Ballast

    Sourced from the overspill of concrete batching plants, this product is screened to a max 40mm size and is a great alternative to primary ballast. Very popular with fencing contractors. Prices per bag £32.50 +VAT
  • Planings, Tunbridge Wells


    Tarmac excavated from road repair, crushed to planings – ideal for driveway preparation as it compacts down, giving off no dust. Prices per bag £38.50 +VAT
  • 40-75mm Clean Aggregate, Tunbridge Wells

    40-75mm Clean Aggregate

    Crushed hardcore containing 40-75mm clean stone with no fines or dust, used for land drainage, soak-away and larger pipe back-fill. Prices per bag £35.00 +VAT
  • Type 1, Tunbridge Wells

    Type 1

    A mixture of hardcore/tarmac crushed to a max 40mm size aggregate, used in road and path construction for a finishing layer. Prices per bag £35.00 +VAT
  • 6F5, Tunbridge Wells


    Hardcore crushed to a mixture of aggregate particles up to 75mm for bulk fill, used to raise ground levels or as a capping layer. Prices per bag £35.00 +VAT

Primary Aggregates – Gravel

  • Shingle/Gravel – 4-10mm, Tunbridge Wells

    Shingle/Gravel – 4-10mm

    Mainly used for drainage works. Prices per bag £37.50 +VAT
  • Shingle/Gravel – 10-20mm, Tonbridge

    Shingle/Gravel – 10-20mm

    Mainly used for drainage works. Prices per bag £37.50 +VAT
  • Shingle/Gravel – 20-40mm, Tunbridge Wells

    Shingle/Gravel – 20-40mm

    Mainly used for drainage works. Prices per bag £37.50 +VAT

Primary Aggregates – Sand

  • Equestrian Sand, Tonbridge

    Equestrian Sand

    We can supply the finest equestrian sand on request. Prices per bag £40.00 +VAT
  • Cable Sand, Tonbridge

    Cable Sand

    A fine reject sand used to protect trenched services. Prices per bag £29.50 +VAT
  • Reject Sand Tonbridge

    Reject Sand

    A cheaper alternative for a variety of building applications. Prices per bag £28.00 +VAT
  • Building Sand 0-2mm, Tonbridge

    Building Sand

    We stock the finest grade building sand from Moorhouse Sandpits, very popular with brick-layers. Prices per bag £37.50 +VAT
  • Sharp Sand 0-4mm, Tonbridge

    Sharp Sand 0-4mm

    Various building works, very popular with driveway and landscaping contractors. Prices per bag £37.50 +VAT

Primary Aggregates – Ballast & Sub Base Materials

  • MOT Type 1 Pink, Tonbridge

    MOT Type 1 Pink

    A high quality limestone sub-base material. Prices per bag £48.50 +VAT
  • 20mm All In Ballast, Tonbridge

    20mm All In Ballast

    A mixture of Sharp Sand and 5-20mm Gravel, the classic ingredient for your concrete applications and for use with foundations and footings. Prices per bag £37.50 +VAT

Other Products

  • Softwood Sleepers - Tanalised pressure treated

    Softwood Sleepers – 10cm

    Tanalised pressure treated L 2.4m x W 20cm x D 10cm (7ft 10" x 8" x 4") Other sizes available. Prices per sleeper £19.00 +VAT
  • Softwood Sleepers - Tanalised pressure treated

    Softwood Sleepers – 12cm

    Tanalised pressure treated L 2.4m x W 25cm x D 12cm (7ft 10" x 10" x 5") Other sizes available. Prices per sleeper £23.00 +VAT
  • Blue Circle Cement, Tonbridge

    Blue Circle Cement

    Prices per bag £4.75 +VAT
  • PAS 100 Recycled Compost, Tonbridge

    PAS 100 Recycled Compost

    Made from recycled vegetation - an excellent, affordable and sustainable compost. Prices per bag £51.00 +VAT

Decorative Stone

We stock the following decorative stone in bulk bags but can supply many more types; please call us:

  • Cotswold Buff, Tonbridge

    Cotswold Buff

    Prices per bag £142.00 +VAT
  • Golden Pea Shingle, Tonbridge

    Golden Pea Shingle

    Prices per bag £117.00 +VAT
  • Plum Slate, Tonbridge

    Plum Slate

    Prices per bag £116.00 +VAT